We Welcome you to our store website. We are among one of the premier tyre dealer in Pokhara which lies in the Gandaki Region western part of Nepal. Backed by our experienced staff, strong sell-out stategies, we are the choice for many tire customers in Pokhara. Our shop provides best quality tyres at competitive rates. We have warehouse stock well with almost all sizes and brands which ensures you’ll find the product you need when you need them.

How to choose the tyre

The first step of your tyre purchase is finding the right tyre. When choosing new tyres you will need to take number of factors in mind including your vehicle type and your typical driving style. If you often drive long distances, tyres that offer good mileage will be important to you. Your vehicle will come OE tyres by it’s manufacturers. Your vehicle’s owners manual should contain recommendations for specific tyre requirements but you may also consider alternatives suggested by your experienced dealer.

Major Brands we have

  • Apollo 
  • Goodyear   
  • Ceat
  • Mrf
  • Dunlop
  • Austone
  • Linglong
  • Bkt
  • Armour
  • Birla
  • JK

More brands will be made available in the future…

We have almost all brands available in the market.

  • Please tell us your requirement for new sizes. If not in stock  we will add them to our stock immediately when it becomes available.