Tyre Knowledge

Tyre pressure tips:

Please follow below to maintain your tyre pressure:

  • Always use trusted tyre pressure guage.
  • Check your tyre pressure before you start driving or 3 hours after you have stopped driving.
  • Compare psi with vehicle manufacturer’s recommended psi. Check the sticker on the driver’s door of your vehicle.
  • If your psi is above the number, let the air out until it matches.


Tyre rotation tips:

Rotate your tyres regularly. This helps extend life of tyres and improve performance. Every tyre of the vehicle should be removed from the vehicle and moved to different positions which ensures that all tyres wear evenly and last longer.


Tyre Buying tips:

  • Always double check the tyre size
  • Change your tyre as pair, rather than individually
  • Don’t go for budget tyre. Buy tyres of brand you know or used widely.
  • Most of well known brands offer warrantly on tyres. Be sure to know whether tyre bears warrantly or not.